Going back to a more basic approach, plus went younger for a change

Yeah, I am a sucker for baby faced blondes

As time went on this year, I got some stuff out of the way that needed to be done in my fitness and women lives:

  1. Got back to my target weight of 101kg. Got a little bit of fat from this bulking process, but that’s ok cause I can still see my abs. The heavy training coupled with a precise bulking diet worked like a charm (I gained 5kg on a four month spam, which is great if you consider my age and extended gym history). Soon I’ll be out on vacation, so I probably will take a more relaxed approach from now on. When I come back, I’ll resume the bulking until late September, and then switch back to a mild/slow cutting until I reach 8-9 % BF (right now I must be around 12-13%);
  2. After my last MLTR “left” me, I was kinda tired of dealing with mature women. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be around them, and love to have relationships with them. But those cougars tend to see me as a serious provider, even if my frame is rock solid and my non-monogamous persona is crystal clear. This one knew about my dealings with other women from day one, but one day she decided she “had enough” and booted me. We’ll probably get back together for some fun in the future though (we always do), but it got me a little sad for a while because I enjoyed to spend time with her;
  3. Recently I started a relationship with a 26 yo chick I met in February, during Brazilian carnaval. For those of you who don’t know, it’s the best time of the year to party on the streets of Brazil! Me and a couple of friends got some Avengers fantasies that were really cool, and soon game was on. The sheer amount of contacts I got from that two week spam is still paying me dividends right now! Going back to her, she recently gave me some drama, so I had to soft next her ass…. which caused some disappointment cause I had high hopes for us. Anyway, she’ll be stuck as a FB/low-end MLTR from now on;
  4. A former FB came back to the fold and we are having a blast in bed! She’s 46 and the mother of three, but boy, is she yummy. She looks like a very hot and fit 36yo woman, tight hard abs, great ass and has the sexual desire of a horny gorilla! If she catch me on a bad day physically speaking, man, I’m in for a lot of trouble LOL. She needs to have dick for a long time to feel satisfied. I love spending time with her, cause she’s a party girl too and has the same taste in music as myself.
  5. Last, but not least, my best candidate right now for a more serious MLTR is this gorgeous 25yo blonde princess that I met on a nightclub three weeks ago. We are going to meet again tonight and I’m in total NRE with her!!! It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this way with a woman and I’m loving every second of it. She’s cute as heaven, super sweet, and has the right amount of “submissive” in her DNA. Plus she’s sassy in bed cause on our first time together (without clothes) she came right on top of me and started to rub that beautiful pink pussy on my cock to tease this poor bastard….boy I got hard for her, plus her natural scent drives me nuts, specially  when I get closer to her neck to kiss her. Yes, NRE is full on right now LOL.
  6. Oh, Almost forgot, was able to meet a 20yo brunette from bumble who is as cute as a blue sunny sky. Two dates, the second one at my place, where we had sex of course….I was able to admire her perfect white skin and body, her newly enhanced boobs and that “peach” smell that only chicks that young have (and drive us lads completely crazy). Her pussy was amazingly smooth and wet, and the amount of time I spent licking it left her legs numb.

Yeah, life is good as I approach the big 40 mark…


Dealing with anxiety towards a particular girl

The waiting game!!! One must refuse to play it….or loose

This is a quick reminder to myself and all guys out there….when you’re feeling anxiety or negative feelings towards any woman, just remember:

“The next super cool sexy chick could be just around the corner…you just have to walk there and be willing to not stand still like a damn stake in the dirty.”

In that case, it’s best to counter fire with gasoline!!! Go out there, double your efforts on the women front, sarge smarter every day and rip the benefits. If it works for me, it can work for you!

UBER Shared Rides – I might be onto something

Uber pool…of women!

(This is just on it’s initial stages, but so far it’s looking very promising.)

Yesterday it was labor’s day, so I got out of the house early to do some work errands.
In the afternoon I came back to my place to go on a date with a new prospect …..who ended up being a bust (really cute, 8.5 little asian, but she found out about my real age and went MIA lol. Fuck my life x 1000).

Anyway, on my first shared ride of the day, a very cute 30ish asian enters the car.
By default, I always sit on the back and, if needed, move to the other side when another person joins.
So she joined us and had her groceries bags with her.
I instantly opened her:

“wow, this looks nice. How good is this new groceries shop (one that opened last week very close to where I live).
Oh, its great! A little expensive but they have lots of good stuff. Like for instance this foreign beer blablabla
cool, so you live nearby? 
yes, I live at X street. Now I’m going to meet a friend blablabla

great! I’m going to work a bit now, but running a little late because I was at the movies yesterday”
Oh, what do you do?
I’m an achitect, how about you blablabla

Bottom line, I told her I’ve sold my car earlier this year and she told me she did the same.
Took the chance and said those shared ride apps were booming in SP.
I could show her the best ones
“yeah, sure”
I’m not finding it on my phone right now, but I can show you later when I get back home.
Just gimme your IG or facebook so I can message you
Of course! It’s @XXXXX

Later he day I pinged her and just said:
It was a cool uber conversation
Unexpected too
You have some great energy, can tell that

Yeah, I liked your vibe too, blablabla

(we talked for a bit, she suggested we should grab coffee some day, told her my number… now I am working on that date for next week, cause she’s gonna travel tomorrow)

Second one was on my way back home.
One of the most beautiful faces I’ve seen this year, she looked like a russian porcelain doll.
Brunnete, also 30ish, really awesome white skin with great facial features.
First she had her sunglasses on, but when she took them off I was stunned for a split second.
Like that feeling 

Well, as usual I opened her:

Afternoon…how is it going?
I’m fine
Yeah, it’s an awesome sunny day. Too bad I had to work
Yeah, me too!
Really? Such a shame lol. What were you up to?
Oh, I was doing a video for a client, blablabla. And you? What do you do?
Oh, I’m an architect. I was at a clients doing blablabla
So, do you live nearby? I’m guessing I’ll be the first one to drop
No, i live at X. Do you know where it is?
Of course!I used to train at Y, it’s close to your place
Yes, I know that gym blablabla

Soon enough I switched the topic to travel and found out she’s lived in India for 6 months and was kind of into that mystic stuff
When I was about to leave I said:
“We should switch IG so we could talk more about our travels”
yeah, sure…here’s mine @FFFF

On IG it was the same stuff:

It was a cool uber conversation
Unexpected too
You have some great energy, can tell that

Yeah, super unexpected lol

after a brief back and forth, I suggested a coffee and she gave me her number.
This weekend she’s staying with her kid, but next one we’re still up for a date.

Thoughts and comments are more than welcome.


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